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EPICS V4 Template Document

EPICS V4 Template Document, Editors' Draft, 12-Apr-2012

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This document gives a template for EPICS V4 html documents. The first sentence or paragraph of the Abstract must summarize the subject succinctly.

Two or three paragraphs are required; the abstract should not just be a single sentence.

For more information about EPICS, please refer to the home page of the Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System.

Status of this Document

This is the 12 April 2012 version of the Template document. For instance, if the document were the one about Normative Types, this section might say, "this version reverts NTNamedValue to a congruent array system, rather than one in which the value is itself an array type; NTMatrix is max 2-dimentional, and much text has been added to describe alarms, display and control standard optional fields."

A continuing notable absence from this document is how Normative Types should identify themselves as such. At present, the name of the structure which encapsulates the type conforming to a Normative Type, may be named with the name of the type. For instance, a structure that should be interpreted as a NTTable, should be named "NTTable." But whether this shall be the standard for self-identity is not yet decided.

This version is an editors draft towards the First Public Working Draft. The First Public Working Draft will be intended for the EPICS community to review and comment. Resulting comments will drive subsequent revisions of the Normative Types specification and the EPICS V4 Working Group's reference implementations of software that helps create, populate and exchange Normative Type PVData.

Comments are welcome, though bear in mind this is a pre-public release version.

The terms MUST, MUST NOT, SHOULD, SHOULD NOT, REQUIRED, and MAY when highlighted (through style sheets, and in uppercase in the source) are used in accordance with RFC 2119 [RFC2119]. The term NOT REQUIRED (not defined in RFC 2119) indicates exemption.

Table of Contents


All EPICS V4 documents SHOULD have an introduction. Refer to bibliographic references with the "a" tag "bib" class, eg this is a reference to the EPICS PVData Java bibliographic reference bib:pvdata.


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