EPICS v4 Normative Document Header Template

EPICS v4 Working Group, Working Draft, 1-Sep-2011

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This document shows the header and other requried material of a normative document of the EPICS v4 Working Group. Documents produced by the group which are intended to form a standard EPICS v4, must use this header, and should include the related material below.

Specifically, the Abstract and Status of this Document sections must be included.

For more information about the EPICS, please refer to the home page of the Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System.

Status of this Document

This is the 1 September 2011 version of the EPICS v4 normative document standard header. This is a first draft intended so EPICS v4 editors can start to produce standarized normative documents of the group.

This is a working draft, awaiting approval by the group before use as the standard header.

The terms MUST, MUST NOT, SHOULD, SHOULD NOT, REQUIRED, and MAY when highlighted (through style sheets, and in uppercase in the source) are used in accordance with RFC 2119 [RFC2119]. The term NOT REQUIRED (not defined in RFC 2119) indicates exemption.

Table of Contents

  1. Abstract
  2. Status of this Document