0. Preliminaries, 5 mins

1. Beta 2 Status review, *all*, 20 mins

   What are we all up to? What are we expecting to complete any more for Beta 2? If 
   so when is that expected.

   Expected beta 2 schedule.

2. locksets and V3Channel strategy agreement, *all*, 20 mins
-> Didn't get to this

3. pvIOC strategy agreement, 20 mins
-> See topic "Priorities for coming year"


The meeting was officially cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy's effects on East Coast people. 
However, DH, MK and GW had a mini meeting anyway.

Present: DH, MK, GW.
Scribe: GW

NEW TOPIC: Beta 2. Status

MK is ready for Beta 2
AI on MK by 7-Nov-12: Create new doc on V3-V4 interop by removing the 2 sections on that presently in pvIOCCPP.html to a separate doc. 
AI on GW by 7-Nov-12: Create links on the home page to the Normative and Informative sections of the documentation page.
AI on GW by 31-Oct-12: Email Andrew and Ralph re nomenclature that should be used to describe the Channel Access of EPICS V3, and agree on a short name, like "CA". To be distinguished from the noun channel access, or the proper noun pvAccess.
AI on MK by 7-Nov-12: Incorporate nomenclature changes implied by Andrew and Ralph's responses, to EV4 core docs by Nov 7th, esp the new doc on V3-V4 interoperability.

AI on GW: Send email suggesting we set Nov 14th the beta 2 release day. Code freeze Nov 9th.

DH is nearly ready for beta 2. 
AI on DH: brush up the bash script encapsulating the Archive Service, and improve documentation.
AI on GW: Add link to Archive Service to Getting Started doc.

GW is nearly ready for beta 2. Just going to add conformance to Normative Types 1PWD spec. 

Ask MS to run test, and develop the Beta 2 demo suite that must work against this code freeze.
AI on MS: develop the Beta 2 demo suite that must work against this code freeze.

NEW TOPIC: Priorities for coming year
GW: introduced idea that work on pvIOC over the next year should take the form
of writing requirements for an new IOC, rather than only improving pvIOC as it presently 
is realized. 
DH: reiterated points made in email [1] re requirements of beamline EPICS engineers. 
MK: reiterated that the priorities he outlined in email [2] are in alignment with DH's goals.
GW: emphased need to concretize the requirements of the work brought up by DH, and
that SLAC and Tim Mooney also appear ready to outline similar requirements. We need
to get all three teams to work on initial investigation in parallel, and then come together
to form requirements.
MK: Asks what's the timeline - 6 months or a year?
GW: initially working in parallel, a few weeks, then together on requirements for a few weeks.
overall 1 year. So, much of next year's charter. 
CONCLUSION: We should engage the 3 or 4 sets of people interested in direct areaDetector
and transient digitizer work; get them started with looking at requirements, with a view to
coming together in january to formulate the joint requirement. Until then, use the weekly meeting
to coordinate.
AI on GW by 7-Nov: Email parties interested in improved support of devices and high level records (asynRecord) with this plan.