EPICS V4 Working Group face-to-face Meeting, Day 3, 17-Oct-2012

Agenda, Day 3.

Friday AM - Next 12 months.

* BNL Physics Services, Guobao Shen
* Python physics applications that the BNL physics group has developed,
 What they like and what they want.  *Lingjun*

* Normative Types review. *Greg*
* EPICS URI. Use of the EPICS URL. *Greg*
* Proposal for "editing down" and implementation of N-types *Michael* 

* Next charter deliverables and roadmap for the next 12 months. 
 + Requirements for the IOC. *Marty*
 + Review requirements generated since Wednesday.
 + Charter items proposal. *Greg*
 + Itemizing goals and maybe even deliverables. Assign action items from week.
NEW TOPIC: Model Service, Guobao Shen
The model service allows one to put 1st order optics in the db, and retrive it.
NEW TOPIC: Magnet Calibration Service, Guobao Shen
The Magnet calibration data is kep in a simple scheme in the online database.
Its data is made available through a V4 service
NEW TOPIC: Unit Conversion Service, Guobao Shen
A unit conversion service uses conversion equations, epressed simply as srings, in the
database, to convert b to k, i to b etc, and their inverses.

Example of call to unit conversion
        Value: starting value 
        fromUnit: source unit system
        toUnit: destination unit system
        E: Energy, if converting to k
        referenceradius: radius of coil if using rotating coil )
 AI on GS: Please send schema diagrams of these services to Greg & Timo.
NEW TOPIC: High Level Application Library, Lingyun Yang
Demo of aporbit application for interactive inspection of orbit data and lattice elements.

Includes local bump calculator

They use HDF5 to store structured data like response matrix measurement results. They a 
public HDF5 viewer to view the data.  Currently no defined conventions for hdf5 file layout.

They will use Python Notebook as their interactive environment for control oom physics.

Summary: The HLA Physics library is basically a "Matlab Middle Layer" implemented in
python. It now uses the existing Channel Finder service to get PV names matching filters.
So far, put opetations go to PVs of a "virtual accelerator", - all units are "physics units" so 
the unit conversion service is not yet needed. 

NEW TOPIC: Normative Types overview, Greg White

Presenting from


NEW TOPIC: What made EPICS Successful, Michael Davidsaver

[and what can be learnt from that]

* Portablility of components
* What makes them portable
   Common primite types (DBR)
   Flexibility to adapt to sepcific users
* DBR types are static. Where is the flexibility
  - Linking in PDB