Status for beta 2.

Readiness for candidate release.


Present: GS, BD, MS, GW, DH, JR
Scribe: DH

NEW TOPIC: Status of beta 2.

MS: Fixing bugs. Start doing more examples. 
GW: Now have NT type id mechanism now need method of passing arguments to services.

GS: Waiting until SWT removed, RPC moving before moving model and other services.
GW; Only need new RPC [not SWT]. Can use tips, RPtips, new RPC stable.
GS: Problems building projects with Maven. Issue with japex.

DH: Is the problem building under Maven or building under eclipse?
GS: I'm using Eclipse. When I pull the tips from sf, the java build path that uses the M2_REPO value is wrong.
DH: Did you try building with maven [alone]?
GS: The relative path for japex is wrong.
MS: - seems that maven does not pull the [japex] dependencies

GS: Can give MS a description of error.

GW: MK working on dirk requirement.

DH: Channel archiver service is beta 2  deliverable.

GW: Is code stable enough to bring other projects like the archvier up to date?

MS: Yes.

NEW TOPIC: New version of Normative Types Doc includes self-id
GW: Published new version to use pv access id field. Type identifier includes name and namespace, but no polymorphism. Text says might be added later. Would be based on examination of xml schema.

MS: Only weakness id that IDs are a bit long. If could made simpler would ld be welcome.
GW: Complexity comes from polymororphism is tied to namespace. Can use URL. Have chosen URI which is 10 c0 characters. Can use small chareter string, e.g. NT as alias for longer name, but couldn't think of an elegant way of doing this. 

GW: Name includes es 2012 because specification might change. One way to change specification ids to change namespace. Its what WWW consortium does. 

GW: Get back to that next week.

***** Meeting Ends ******

GW: If you want to invite someone to BNL or add items to aggenda then send out mail.

Thanks David