1. Confirmation of readiness of pv* c++ and java tips. *Marty*

2. Normative Types self identification, Greg

  Confirm basic plan:
     i) pvAccess id shall carry a namespace:type declaration;
     ii)  we won't invent a full validating type system, we'll use
          XML as the validating type system;
     iii) pvAccess messages themselves will not hold all information to validate all fields of a
          structure, only the terminal namespace and type declaration. Validation of derived types
          would have refer to the external XML schema definitions.

3. Headers.

  What should be in headers for each file type.
  Should license and copyright be inline (per Andrew's suggestion) or a link.


Present: MK, NM, MS, BD, GW, JR, GS, TK
Scribe: MK

NEW TOPIC: Confirmation of readiness of pv* c++ and java tips
MS & MK report status of readiness of pv* c++ and java tips:

pvDataCPP, pvIOCCPP, pvServiceCPP, pvDataJava, pvServiceJava

These are all ready, including documentation.
Tests pass.
pvXXX.html up to date but still have broken links.

pvIOCJava is also ready except xmltest/caV3 fails.
I just discovered problem this morning and did not have time to investigate.
Note that documentation has lots of changes.

pvAccessJava and pvAccessCPP:
    These are all ready.
    Tests pass.
    Documentation needs to be updated.


I think pvAccessJava.html needs updating
pvAccessCPP.html needs LOTS of work

Questions about next public release.
Is the target date Oct 1?
Will there be interim releases before public release?

MK: suggest making a candidate release. Thinks that time is now.
GW: So we will tag the tips, and build the tar files, but we won't upload them to the downloads directory.
GW: Who will do tagging of C++ and Java?
MS: volunteers

JR: Volunteers to build tar for c++.
MK: Suggest same person does both now and during release. 

JR: What about running the tests? How do I run those?

MS will tag tips and run tests.
JR will create tar files of c++ and run tests prescribed by MS on the c++.
GW will create tar files of Java and run tests.

GW will not upload to sourceforge

GW target date?

GW next week Wed Sept 5th (?) is target date

Nominal release date will be Oct 1st. Call it Beta 2.

MK: Question on where the table of contents generators is:

NEW TOPIC:  Normative Types self identification
GW: Proposes Nt instances would self identify using a string composed of a namespace:typename 
The namespace may be a URI (or full URL). 
But for now no validation.
So, the Field.ID will be URL 
example, NTscalar might be identified by the following: 

id = "
id = "uri:ev4:nt:scalar"

URI syntax:

JR: Recommends that we have a type system competition to decide [if we were going to implement a full type system, which it would be] .
General agreement, let's put it in January agenda.

MS: Offers Slovenia for January meeting.

NM: What about Oct for outlining requriements for a type system?
GW: ok, may be able to make that a session.

GW: Is it feasible to chage the name of pvAccess field id to something else, since id seems
to identify the object, not the type of the object?
MS: No, it's too hard, and I don't agree that it identifies a datum.
GW: Ok. Let's stay with id as the name.

Conclusion: We will use field id to exchange datum type id, and we will use the namespace:type syntax
as written i Aug-28 email as type id syntax.

NEW TOPIC: File headers.
GW: Andrew suggested that we include all of the license in each file. What do people think of that?
MK: Don't like it for 2 reasons; 1 it's a big header in the source file, 2 it would cause work whenever the license changed.

Conclusion: File headers will only include a reference to the licence. 

NEW TOPIC: Patches for vxWorks port
Dirk Zimoch reports that teh patches he submitted for porting to vxWorks, are not in the latest release [so he'd
have to start again].

ie using vector and shared ptr, size_t. 

MK: We changed the code fundamentally to support these, rather than just his patches.
So, please use what we have now - he shouldn't find many needed changes. 
First try to build pvData
MS: Still has to go through his patches for pvAccess.
MK: Certainly we will support him to resolve these in Sept.