0. Preliminaries, 5 mins.

1. Status of core modules in Java and C++, Marty, Matej (15 mins).

   Good to see pvServiceJava checked in. Is it in good status Marty?
   *Marty* you said the clientExample still fails. Need to let
   Ralph and I know when we should move to the new API, and where to find help.

   When will we return to the situation of all CPP modules mutually compatible,
   and all Java modules mutually compatible? Marty indicates this is dependent on Matej [3].

2. RPC threading (20 mins).

   Requirements. I'd like a policy for letting me implement a single threaded server.
   At SLAC we found this necessary for integrating legacy control systems, where a single
   threaded client (as a channelRPC server would be) is assumed by the legacy system.

   Where to implement the threading.

   How likely is this subproject to turn into a rabbit hole?

3. SwissFEL modelling demo (20 mins).

   I'll show the first pass of modelling in matlab, uploading to a Db, and how clients
   can then get model data from the rdb service.

   Next week, ezpva review.

------------------------ Minutes ----------------------------
Present: BD, DH, TK, MK, GS, GW

MK: Should we making our own reservations?
DH: Reservations should have been made for you at the Crowne and Thistle.
MK: does not h