============= Meeting 11-Apr-2012 =============

------------------------ Minutes ----------------------------

Present: BD, DH, TK, MK, RL, NM, MS, GW
Scribe: MK

NEW TOPIC: EPICS meeting talks related to EPICS V4

Session 3:  V4 (Chair: Ernest Williams)
Talks are 15 min. with 5 min. Q & A                                                                                                   
    02:00pm                                                                 EPICS V4: An Overview and  Application at BNL 
- Bob Dalesio,
Greg sends Bob slides for V4 overview talk. BNL                                                                                                                                                                                                                     02:20pm                                                                 PVAccess Network Protocol 
performance also.
 Matej, Guobao prepares, 
Marty presents.
Cosylab                                                                                                                                                                                                     02:40pm                                                                 V3/V4 Interoperability 
- Marty Kraimer, BNL                                                                                                                                                                                   03:00pm                                                                 Gather Service 
- Timo Korhonen,                                                                  PSI
Timo sends Bob new title.

Side topic. interface pvmanager to pvData.
AI: Matej works with Gabrielle to get
Image, Table, and Time domain array.
Not meetimg topic!!

NEW TOPIC: Status of Fieldname and unsigned
MK: pvData, Acess and IOC Java working. Mostly working. pvRequest and pvCopy not yet.
MK: c++ bindings not yet worked on.
GW: Are java ones ready to sync repositories on?
MK: If only using Java, then yes. Interop java -> c++ then no, that's not ready yet.
GW: Were clients changed in accordance with new interface?
MK: No.
MK: The documentation has not yet been updated for either Java or C++

GW to send MK a link to a service so he can show how to convert it.

MS: For C++ there will be a lot of work. 
MK: size_t is going to take some time. 
MK: Will refine the doc specifying the changes, so he and MS really agree.

MK: Timo has to use what is working now for the EPICS meeting demos.

NEW TOPIC: pvData field name naming standard and restrictions
MK: Can we put language independent things in a separate directory of pvDataWWW?
- we'll go with a subdir pvDataWWW/common/

MK: FieldName names should be checked by some code. 
MS: thinks probably not.
MK: it probably can be checked in the introspection interface.
MS: agrees
MS: Only ascii names being allowed - not UTF8 generally, right?
MK: thinks we do wnat to allow for UTF8 generally.

We'll postpone the work to more closely define what shall be an allowed fieldname and implementing the restriction, at least until we have completed the fieldname moves. 

Subtopic: shall we put enum right in PVdata?
MK: against
MS: against

RESOLUTION: We won't support enum right in PVdata

NEW TOPIC: Incorporation of NT3dTable functionality into NTMultiChannelArray

GW: thinks NTMultiChannelArray should be the common N-type for channel data, whether simple or
array type.
MK: going to look at how NTMultiChannelArray can be extended to handle array data [ and so use it in gather and MASAR]

NEW TOPIC: eget and Jenkins support for testing
MS: will check exampleJava/rdbService for how to render mixed type columns from an NTTable.

AI on MS by 13-Apr: send instructions for starting an java or c++ server, and making tests against it

Off topic:
AI on GW by 13-Apr: send instructions on how to use the auto Table of Contents generator in our html docs.

meeting ends