Working Group

This is the group home page of the EPICS V4 Working Group. This group is a collaboration of software developers working to bring EPICS V4 to its full potential.

The EPICS V4 Working Group has defined, published, and provides reference implementations for, the EPICS V4 standards. The group was founded to provide open protocols and standards for both controls and services interconnection through a public process.

The administrative process, and formal workflow of the working group was originally defined in the EPICS Version 4 Process document. The work to be done each year was defined in a series of Charter documents, which defined the scope and deliverables.

EPICS v4 is a set of computer communications protocols, and a software framework, for high performance distributed control, message passing, and high level software services, as may be used in large scientific instruments and industrial plants. EPICS v4 was previously called "PvData", hence the name of the sourceforge project.

Working Group Activities

The Working Group's activities are broken down by Activity Area. These are:

  1. Core software. The core is composed of "pvAccess", the control data protocol of EPICS V4, and "pvData", the high performance introspection API to the control data.
  2. Basic Development. This is softare immediately associated with the Core, and its development environment.
  3. APIs and Clients.
  4. Platform support.
  5. Documentation.


Sep 2011
7-Sep-2011: Agenda, Minutes; 14-Sep-2011: Agenda, Chat, Minutes (PDF); 22-Sep-2011: Agenda, Minutes, Material: GatherOverview.doc; 28-Sep-2011: Agenda, Chat, Minutes (PDF).
Oct 2011
October 2011 Workshop 3-4 Oct-2011 PSI: Day 1 Topics: Greg's Report on impressions of EPICS V4 development, and Marty's hot topic list, Agenda and Minutes; Day 2: Agenda and Minutes, Outcome: Draft of Normative Types; 19-Oct-2011: Agenda, Minutes; 26-Oct-2011: Agenda, Minutes.
Nov 2011
2-Nov-2011: Agenda, Minutes; 9-Nov-2011: Agenda, Minutes; 23-Nov-2011: Agenda, Minutes; 30-Nov-2011: Agenda, Minutes.
Dec 2011
7-Dec-2011: Agenda, Minutes; 14-Dec-2012: Agenda, Minutes; 21-Dec-2012: Agenda, Minutes.
Jan 2012
4-Jan-2012: Agenda, Minutes; 11-Jan-2012: Agenda, Minutes; January 2012 Workshop 23-25 Jan-2012 BNL: Agenda; Day 1: Minutes; Day 2: Minutes; Day 3: Minutes.
Feb 2012
8-Feb-2012: Agenda, Minutes; 15-Feb-2012: Agenda, Minutes; 22-Feb-2012: Agenda, Minutes; 29-Feb-2012: Agenda, Minutes.
Mar 2012
14-Mar-2012: Agenda, Minutes; 21-Mar-2012: Agenda, Minutes; 28-Mar-2012: Agenda, Minutes.
Apr 2012
4-Apr-2012: Agenda, Minutes; 11-Apr-2012: Agenda, Minutes; April 2012 Workshop 23-24 Apr-2012 SLAC: Agenda, Day 1: Minutes; Day 2: Minutes.
May 2012
9-May-2012: Agenda and Minutes; 16-May-2012: Agenda, Minutes; 23-May-2012: Agenda, Minutes.
Jun 2012
6-Jun-2012: Agenda, Minutes; 13-Jun-2012: Agenda, Minutes; 20-Jun-2012: Agenda, Minutes; 27-Jun-2012: Agenda, Minutes.
Jul 2012
July 2012 Workshop 11-13 Jul-2012 Diamond: Agenda; Day 1: Minutes; Day 2: Minutes; Day 3: Minutes; 25-Jul-2012: Agenda, Minutes.
Aug 2012
22-Aug-2012: Agenda, Minutes; 29-Aug-2012: Agenda, Minutes.
Sep 2012
5-Sep-2012: Agenda, Minutes; 12-Sep-2012: Agenda, Minutes; 19-Sep-2012: Agenda, Minutes; 26-Sep-2012: Agenda, Minutes.
Oct 2012
3-Oct-2012: Agenda, Minutes; October 2012 Workshop 17-19 Oct-2012 BNL: Day 1: Minutes; Day 2: Minutes; Day 3: Minutes; 31-Oct-2012: Agenda, Minutes.
Nov 2012
7-Nov-2012: Agenda, Minutes; 14-Nov-2012: Minutes.
Dec 2012
5-Dec-2012: Agenda, Minutes; 18-Dec-2012: Agenda, Minutes.
Jan 2013
9-Jan-2013: Agenda, Minutes; January 2013 Workshop 21-23 Jan-2013 PSI: Agenda; Day 1: Minutes; Day 2: Minutes; Day 3: Minutes.
Feb 2013
13-Feb-2013: Agenda, Minutes; 20-Feb-2013: Agenda, Minutes; 27-Feb-2013: Agenda, Minutes.
Mar 2013
6-Mar-2013: Agenda, Minutes; 20-Mar-2013: No Agenda, Minutes; 27-Mar-2013: No Agenda, Minutes.
Apr 2013
10-Apr-2013: Agenda, Minutes; 17-Apr-2013: Agenda, Minutes; April 2013 Workshop 27-28 Apr-2013 Diamond: Agenda; Day 1: No Minutes; Discussion concentrated on combining the software data type for NDArray with that for images. Day 2: Minutes.
May 2013
15-May-2013: Agenda, Minutes; 30-May-2013: Agenda, Minutes.
Jun 2013
4-Jun-2013: Agenda, Minutes; 11-Jun-2013: Agenda, Minutes; 18-Jun-2013: No Agenda, Minutes; 25-Jun-2013: No Agenda, Minutes.
Jul 2013
2-Jul-2013: Agenda, Minutes; 09-Jul-2013: Agenda, Minutes; 16-Jul-2013: Agenda, Minutes; 23-Jul-2013: Agenda, Minutes.
Aug 2013
6-Aug-2013: Agenda, Minutes; 13-Aug-2013: Agenda, Minutes; 20-Aug-2013: Agenda, Minutes; 27-Aug-2013: Agenda, Minutes.
Sep 2013
10-Sep-2013: Agenda, Minutes 17-Sep-2013: Agenda, Minutes 24-Sep-2013: Agenda, Minutes.
Oct 2013
October 2013 Workshop 2-4 Oct-2013 SLAC, California, USA: Agenda; Day 1: Minutes; Day 2: Minutes; Day 3: Minutes; 22-Oct-2013: Agenda, Minutes 29-Oct-2013: Agenda, Minutes.
Nov 2013
5-Nov-2013: Agenda, Minutes 12-Nov-13: Agenda, Minutes 19-Nov-13: Agenda, Minutes. 26-Nov-13: Agenda, Minutes.
Dec 2013
10-Dec-13: Agenda, Minutes.
Jan 2014
14-Jan-14: Agenda, Minutes.
Feb 2014
25-Feb-14: Agenda, Minutes.
Mar 2014
March 2014 Workshop 11-13 Mar 2014 Cosylab, Ljubljana: Agenda; Day 1: Minutes; Day 2: Minutes; Day 3: Minutes;
25-Mar-2014: Agenda, Minutes.
Apr 2014
8-Apr-2014: Agenda, Minutes; 15-Apr-2014: Agenda, Minutes; 29-Apr-2014: Agenda, Minutes.
May 2014
13-May-2014: Agenda, Minutes; 20-May-2014: Agenda, Minutes; 27-May-2014: Agenda, Minutes.
Jun 2014
3-Jun-2014: Agenda, Minutes; 10-Jun-2014: Agenda, Minutes; 17-Jun-2014: Agenda, Minutes; 24-Jun-2014: Agenda, Minutes.
Jul 2014
01-Jul-2014: Agenda, Minutes;
Jul 2014 Workshop 15-17 Jul 2014 BNL, Long Island, USA: Talks. 15-Jul-2014 Agenda and Morning minutes Minutes; 16-Jul-2014 Minutes AM Minutes PM; 17-Jul-2014 Minutes.
Aug 2014
05-Aug-2014 Minutes; 12-Aug-2014 No agenda, No minutes 19-Aug-2014 Agenda, No minutes
Sep 2014
02-Sep-2014 Agenda, Minutes; 09-Sep-2014 Agenda, Minutes; 16-Sep-2014 Agenda, Minutes; 23-Sep-2014 Agenda, Minutes; 30-Sep-2014 Agenda, Minutes.
Oct 2014
07-Oct-2014 Agenda, Minutes
Oct 2014 Workshop 20 & 24 Oct 2014 Saclay, France: 20-Oct-2014 Agenda, No minutes.
Nov 2014
04-Nov-2014 Agenda and Minutes; 11-Nov-2014 Agenda, No minutes; 18-Nov-2014 Agenda, Minutes; 25-Nov-2014 Agenda, Minutes.
Dec 2014
02-Dec-2014 Agenda, Minutes; 09-Dec-2014 Agenda, Minutes; 16-Dec-2014 Agenda, Minutes.
Jan 2015
06-Jan-2015 Agenda Minutes.
Jan 2015 Workshop 12-14 Jan 2015, ORNL, TN, USA: Agenda, Minutes; 27-Jan-2015 Agenda, Minutes.
Feb 2015
10-Feb-2015 Agenda, Minutes; 24-Feb-2015 Agenda, Minutes.
Mar 2015
10-Mar-2015 Agenda, Minutes; 24-Mar-2015 Agenda, Minutes.
Apr 2015
07-Apr-2015 Agenda, Minutes; 14-Apr-2015 Agenda and Minutes.
May 2015
11-May-2015 Agenda and Minutes;
May 2015 Workshop Mon 18 & Fri 22 May 2015, FRIB, Michigan, USA. 18-May-2015 Agenda and Minutes; 22-May-2015 Agenda and Minutes.
June 2015
2-Jun-2015 Agenda, Minutes; 9-Jun-2015 Agenda, Minutes; 16-Jun-2015 Agenda, Minutes.
July 2015
14-Jul-2015 Agenda, Minutes; 28-Jul-2015 Agenda, Minutes.
Aug 2015
11-Aug-2015 Agenda, Minutes; 25-Aug-2015 Agenda, Minutes.
Sep 2015
1-Sep-2015 Agenda, Minutes; 22-Sep-2015 Agenda, Minutes; 29-Sep-2015 Agenda, Minutes.
Oct 2015
6-Oct-2015 Agenda, Minutes; 13-Oct-2015 Agenda, Minutes; 27-Oct-2015 Agenda, Minutes.
Nov 2015
November 2015 Workshop Tue 17, Wed 18, Thu 19 Nov 2015, APS, Chicago, USA. 17-Nov-2015 Agenda and Minutes; 18-Nov-2015 Agenda and Minutes; 19-Nov-2015 Agenda and Minutes.
Dec 2015
8-Dec-2015 Agenda, Minutes; 15-Dec-2015 Agenda, Minutes.
January 2016
12-Jan-2016 Agenda and Minutes; 19-Jan-2016 Agenda, Minutes; 26-Jan-2016 Agenda, Minutes.
February 2016
02-Feb-2016 Agenda and Minutes; 09-Feb-2016 Agenda, Minutes; 23-Feb-2016 Agenda, Minutes.
March 2016
01-Mar-2016 Agenda and Minutes; 08-Mar-2016 Agenda and Minutes; 15-Mar-2016 Agenda and Minutes; 29-Mar-2016 Agenda and Minutes.
April 2016
12-Apr-2016 Agenda and Minutes; 26-Apr-2016 Agenda and Minutes.
May 2016
17-May-2016 Agenda and Minutes;
May 2016 Workshop Sun 22 & Mon 23 May 2016, ESS, Lund, Sweden. 22-May-2016 Agenda and Minutes.
June 2016
07-Jun-2016 Agenda and Minutes; 21-Jun-2016 Agenda and Minutes.
July 2016
05-Jul-2016 Agenda and Minutes; 19-Jul-2016 Agenda and Minutes; 26-Jul-2016 Agenda and Minutes.
August 2016
02-Aug-2016 Agenda and Minutes; 16-Aug-2016 Agenda and Minutes; 23-Aug-2016 Agenda and Minutes; 30-Aug-2016 Agenda and Minutes.
September 2016
06-Sep-2016 Agenda and Minutes;
September 2016 Workshop Fri 16 & Sat 17 September 2016, ORNL, TN, USA. 16/17-Sep-2016 Agenda and Minutes.
October 2016
04-Oct-2016 Agenda and Minutes; 11-Oct-2016 Agenda and Minutes; 18-Oct-2016 Agenda and Minutes.
November 2016
01-Nov-2016 Agenda and Minutes; 15-Nov-2016 Agenda and Minutes; 29-Nov-2016 Agenda and Minutes.
December 2016
13-Dec-2016 Agenda and Minutes.
January 2017
10-Jan-2017 Agenda and Minutes; 31-Jan-2017 Agenda and Minutes.

Meeting Information


Earlier in its history the group held a weekly telecon to discuss progress, but with less development going on the frequency is now every 2-3 weeks or as needed by the developers. It currently takes place on Tuesdays at the following local times:

Since the US and Europe switch observance of daylight savings time on different dates, there is a funky week each November and March where things get outa whack. Meeting attendees are asked to remind the chair when a summer-time change will happen before the next meeting. Meeting times will be adjusted to keep the meeting within normal working hours if possible.

Meetings are held as a Google Hangout, initiated by a Google+ Event from the "EPICS V4" Google+ page.

You will need:

The agenda and minutes are recorded in a shared Google Docs document which is created in advance of each meeting.


The working group holds a face-to-face (F2F) meeting between 2 to 4 times each year, depending on current development needs at the time.

Meeting Minutes Standard

We record the minutes of the weekly telecon as a reference for people assigned action items, so they know the context of the required work, and for people outside the Working Group to see the bogus logic we used to reach conclusions.


The EPICS v4 Working group presently has the following members:

Name Organisation Status Interests
Arman Arkilic BNL Observer Beamline data services
Bob Dalesio Osprey DCS Participant, capo di tutti i capi Core architecture for control, administration
Michael Davidsaver Osprey DCS Participant EPICS core integration and performance
Steven Hartman ORNL Participant, co-chair Beamline applications, Liason with Management Council
Andrew Johnson APS Participant, co-chair EPICS administration and integration
Kay Kasemir ORNL Participant Beamline applications
Timo Korhonen ESS Participant Services for physics
Marty Kraimer Osprey DCS Participant Core architecture, protocol standards and Java implementations of standards.
Ralph Lange ITER Participant Infrastructure and Directory Service
Jeong Han Lee ESS Observer
Matej Sekornaja Cosylab Observer Core architecture, protocol standards and C/C++ implementations of standards.
Guobao Shen APS Participant Services for physics
Sinisa Veseli APS Participant Client side, Python
Greg White SLAC Participant Services architecture, accelerator physics services

Technical Admin

The following links are related to the administration of the WG resources from a technical perspective.

Andrew Johnson, for the EPICS V4 Working Group