EPICS V4 Release 4.6.0 Known Issues

EPICS V4 Release 4.6.0

Known Issues in EPICS V4 Release 4.6.0

Andrew Johnson, Argonne


This document describes known issues relating to version 4.6.0 of the EPICS V4 packages, both Java and C++ implementations.

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For more information about EPICS V4, please refer to the EPICS V4 website.

Table of Contents

C++ Module Issues

Java Module Issues

Applying patches

Any patch files linked from above should be downloaded and applied to the specific module for which they were created, using the GNU Patch program like this:

$ cd /path/to/module
$ patch -p1 < /path/to/file.patch

The -p1 option is required since the git diff program that we use generates patches with one leading directory in the file path-names that must be discarded by patch.

Contact author: Andrew Johnson, Argonne